Money-Back Guarantee

We at LegalFly are convinced of the quality of the services we offer!

Our many years of experience with the various national and international airlines show that with the right correspondence, the correct submission to the arbitration or enforcement body, the necessary pressure and thanks to our knowledge, our clients will receive the compensation they are entitled to from the airlines.

That is why we offer the LegalFly money-back guarantee for our services. This works as follows:

If you choose our offer and enter your case on our platform, we will demand a small compensation for our service. We will contact you personally by e-mail and give you the possibility to pay us by credit card (Mastercard / Visa), Apple Pay, Twint, Paypal etc. in the e-mail.

If you are not successful with our service and both the airline liable to pay compensation (see step 1) and the international enforcement body or ADR (alternative dispute resolution) responsible for you (see step 2) will not award you compensation, we will refund the amount you have paid to us. You simply have to forward the negative decision of the international enforcement body or conciliation body to us by e-mail ( with the e-mail subject (your case number, e.g. "EU101" and "Refund").

Thank you very much for your trust, your LegalFly team!