Why LegalFly?

Why is LegalFly less expensive than the competition?

LegalFly saves you real money. Unlike other passenger rights portals, LegalFly does not charge a success fee. At the leading European air passenger rights portals, this makes up half of the compensation received, including taxes and other costs. Assuming you travel with your family of four from Zurich to New York and your flight has been cancelled, you are entitled to compensation of EUR 2,400.00 from the airline. The European passenger rights portals require an amount of up to EUR 1,200.00 for the enforcement of this claim.

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We at LegalFly think this is definitely too much. Enforcing your claims is child's play thanks to LegalFly's LegalTech platform and should enable you to reclaim most of your claim from the airline. With LegalFly, a family of four can save more than a few francs compared to other platforms and can take another holiday with this amount.

Why do we offer this service?

At the end of 2017 we - Daniel, Kevin, Elias, Daniel and Mirko - founded LegalFly as a traditional passenger rights portal and were pioneers in Switzerland. Like our domestic and foreign competitors, we have charged our clients a success fee for our services, which represented a large part of the client's money received. After having been in business for several years, we realized at the beginning of 2019 that our clients themselves could claim their rights directly from the airline and the European enforcement and arbitration bodies in question. Our work is not special, it is simple.

We have therefore decided to change our service and to enable you, our customers, to enforce your rights yourself and receive almost the full compensation from the airline, not just a fraction.

Thanks to our pre-formulated letters from lawyers and submissions to the competent conciliation and enforcement bodies, which, thanks to a modern LegalTech platform, are created individually for you and tailored to the airline in question, we give you the opportunity to enforce your rights yourself for a small fee.

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