Passenger Rights

Who doesn't know it? Flight delays, cancellations as well as problems with luggage are an integral part of everyday flight life and affect almost every traveller at some point. Even more annoying than the associated travel troubles is often the subsequent bureaucratic war with the airline. LegalFly takes exactly this problem to heart and has made it its business to help passengers in Europe assert their financial claims by means of an intelligent LegalTech platform.

Your compensation claims are based on the EU Directive 261/2004 applicable in Europe (including Switzerland) as well as on the principles of national contract law and the Montreal Convention. Based on this, it is possible to determine under which conditions which claims for damages exist against the airlines.

How do I enforce my rights with

Our process is designed to relieve you of as much effort as possible and to achieve the best possible result for you (compare an overview here). After you have selected your concern on our website, you can enter your individual flight information via our input mask. Your information will be automatically reviewed by our system and database. LegalFly will then send you a prefabricated letter of claim, which you can send to the airline yourself. In this letter, you ask the airline to pay you the compensation claim.

If you are not successful with this letter to the airline, LegalFly will automatically provide you with a ready-to-send application to a national enforcement body or an international dispute resolution body for passenger rights. Thanks to LegalFly's LegalTech platform, you can submit your case independently to the enforcement body recommended by LegalFly.

Last but not least, LegalFly will refer you to the appropriate passenger rights portal for your case in the airline's home country. This gives you the option of entrusting your case to local specialists if you do not wish to enforce your case independently.

Why is cheaper than its competitors?

LegalFly saves you real money. Unlike other passenger rights portals, LegalFly does not charge a success fee (see more information here). This commission accounts for up to one third of the compensation received by the leading European portals. Assuming you travel with your family of four from Zurich to New York and your flight has been cancelled, you are entitled to compensation in the amount of EUR 2,400.00. The European passenger rights portals demand an amount of up to EUR 850.00 for the enforcement of this claim.

We at LegalFly think this is too much. Enforcing your claim is child's play with the help of LegalFly and should enable you to reclaim most of your claim from the airline. With LegalFly the family of four saves up to EUR 850.00 and can go on holiday again with this amount.

Do I have to claim my rights immediately?

As a rule, compensation can also be claimed years later. (see more information here)