Passenger Rights Portals
Daniel Junginger, 2019-7-18

Flight cancellations or flight delays are not uncommon with well-known airlines such as Swiss, Edelweiss, EasyJet, Lufthansa, Eurowings, British Airways or TUIfly - and a particular nuisance for passengers. They miss important connecting flights, often spend hours in the waiting area of an airport or arrive late at their holiday destination. Many passengers are not aware that they do not have to accept delayed or cancelled flights undemandingly. In many cases they are entitled to adequate compensation. But when they do not have a supporting hand, the airlines often cross their path. Some respond to demands extremely delayed, rejecting or simply not at all, so that desperate passengers often remain only the judicial process. In order to solve this problem, providers have emerged in the last few years to take care of this problem.

What problems a passenger rights portal can solve

According to the European Passenger Rights Ordinance, as a passenger you are entitled to appropriate compensation in the event of a delayed or cancelled flight. Specialized providers - the passenger rights portals - are at your side if you want to claim compensation for a flight that is more than three hours late. In contrast to the so-called "immediate indemnifiers", the passenger rights portals usually operate on the collection model. On behalf of the passengers, they sue for compensation from the respective airline. In this way, a passenger rights portal benefits passenger who, for time reasons or because of the airline's attitude, cannot take care of the compensation themselves. Furthermore, a passenger rights portal emphasizes the demands of the guests and balances the knowledge advantage of the airlines. A cooperation with a passenger rights portal increases the chance of receiving an appropriate compensation sum for the missed or cancelled flight.

Services offered by air passenger rights portals

Passenger rights portals offer travellers a range of services. They mainly take over the judicial or extrajudicial claiming of compensation claims against the airlines. At the same time, the passenger rights portals are responsible for all legal matters relating to passengers. They do not only assist passengers when they demand compensation from the airline for a short-, medium- or long-haul flight. But also in the case of damaged or lost luggage in accordance with the Montreal Convention or a short-term cancellation of the flight by the airline.

Passenger rights portals in Europe and Switzerland

In recent years, the number of providers of passenger rights portals has grown exponentially. The following companies are among the best-known passenger rights portals in Switzerland and throughout Europe.

  • The "EUclaim" portal, founded in the Netherlands, has been working since 2007 on the basis of a worldwide database for the interests of passengers affected by a delayed or cancelled flight.
  • Flightright" has been giving passengers their rights for around eight years. The Potsdam start-up company works according to the collection model and offers injured passengers a prompt transfer in the event of a successfully investigated case.
  • EUFlight" is a new passenger rights portal that has been working exclusively according to the immediate compensation model for two years now. The portal's customers sell all their compensation claims to EUFlight. In return, they receive 65 percent of the compensation amount within 24 hours.
  • With around 200,000 customers, "Flugrecht" is one of the smaller portals in Europe. Founded in 2014 and headquartered in Nuremberg, the company sees itself as a collection service provider without the possibility of immediate compensation and, like other passenger rights portals, charges a proportionate commission.
  • In Switzerland, the startup portal "cancelled" was the first passenger rights portal to appear. The Baden-based company uses the collection principle for a commission of between 20 and 24 percent to help passengers claim their compensation payments.

The product innovation of LegalFly - unique in Europe!

LegalFly sees itself as a new, competent Swiss specialist for the enforcement of air passenger rights. The young team is interdisciplinary due to the travel-happy experts. Lawyers, computer scientists, globetrotters and financial experts contribute their wealth of experience and knowledge to the well-founded advice we provide to our clients.

At LegalFly, we are the first provider in Europe to offer our clients the opportunity to assert their rights against the airline themselves. Our many years of experience and the extremely high success rate of over 96% of cases won have shown us that you do not have to be a passenger rights portal (see above) to successfully claim compensation from the airlines. Anyone can do this successfully. We have therefore decided to make it possible for our customers to enforce their rights themselves and thus receive almost the entire compensation payment from the airline, not just a fraction (more information here).

Thanks to our pre-formulated attorney's letters and submissions to the responsible arbitration and enforcement bodies, which, thanks to a modern LegalTech platform, are created for you individually and tailored to the airline in question, our customers get the opportunity from us to enforce their rights themselves for a small fee. (Click here to enter your case)